One Piece: Marineford

Dusting off ye old journal to talk very briefly about anime. I have fallen excruciatingly behind in my anime viewing - I only finally watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in its entirety a couple of months ago. It was also only yesterday that I could bring myself to watch the end of the Marineford arc in One Piece.

For me this is one of the best anime arcs I've ever watched. From the outset the opening theme is especially fitting and very poignant. The montage of each of the crew in their defining moments of the series, as Luffy invites them into the fold as nakama, is moving. This is offset by scenes of Luffy's own childhood and Ace's role in it.

So much happens at the Marineford battle. Luffy is sans his crew, but in the meantime, familiar characters make reappearances and new ones are introduced. Luffy's single-minded quest to save his brother is set against a larger backdrop of politics, and the battle is an absorbing mix of emotion and action. I was already so agonizingly invested in the arc when the manga chapters were coming out weekly, and the end of it left me so drained I took a break from the manga for over a month. I knew it was going to be doubly worse when I watched the anime, and I was right; putting it off for almost two years did not make it any less painful.

The Reichenbach Fall

This episode. This glorious, chilling, heartwrenching episode.

And kudos to Martin Freeman, fantastic, give the man a BAFTA. Oh wait. Good. He completely deserved it.
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G Heyer

Georgette Heyer's 'Sprig Muslin' would be brilliant as a film, I think, given its nice balance of absurdity, wit and romance. But maybe such a work would be considered unfashionable now in our Potter-esque age?
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Saiyuki Gaiden

I don't know why I thought rereading my Gaiden volumes was a good idea. Goddamn I want to cry.

I don't even know what's happening with Reload right now. Is Minekura still active?
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haven't done one of these in a while

15 characters from different fandoms. Spot the pattern.

1) Saiyuki - Sanzo
2) One Piece - Sanji
3) Dragonball Z - Son Goku
4) Koori no Mamono no Monogatari - Blood
5) Prince of Tennis - Echizen Ryoma
6) Bleach - Ishida Uryuu
7) Rurouni Kenshin - Shinomori Aoshi
8) Naruto - Shikamaru
9) Kyou Kara Maou - Wolfram
10) Evangelion - Kaoru
11) Sailor Moon - Sailor Mars
12) Hunter x Hunter - Killua
13) Inuyasha - Sesshoumaru
14) Flame of Recca - Mikagami Tokiya
15) Yu Yu Hakusho - Kurama

It's largely the pretty boys and the too-cool-for-you dudes for me. Kaoru, Mars and Killua are reminiscent of my favourite colour, purple.

so long Seoul

Leaving Seoul after a week in Korea, and it is ironic (or maybe not) that I have a better chance of scoring the SHINee 2011 calendar online than in k-pop central. I looked high and low, only to be told at the official SME stores that it was sold out and new stock was only coming in next week. fml.